Fuel Insight

Logo & Brand

Fuel Insight provides experienced data science consulting for a wide variety of industries, stemming from a background working for Oil and Gas companies. We were approached to create a brand that reflects the expertise and experience behind Fuel, one that can be extended as the company grows, and works well for applications such as apparel, media, promotional items.

Our goal was to avoid traditional or trendy, aiming for a timeless look that can connect with any industry and presents well in different settings. Where we landed provides for a strong, mark-forward look with a clean palette full of strong contrasting colors that make it easy to present simple text statements to complex infographs with ease.

Fuel Insight Branding - Primary Logo Fuel Insight Branding - Pattern Sample 1 Fuel Insight Branding - Logomark & Secondary Logo Fuel Insight Branding - Pattern Sample 2

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